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Our Commitment

Fashion inspired by speed, skill and grit doesn’t mean “fast fashion”—it means the opposite. We’re committed to making the highest quality products possible, clothing that’s well-constructed and looks better with age. The designs are timeless, the clothes are engineered to stand the test of time.

From a family-owned factory, our partners hand craft clothing with complete transparency all the way down the production line. They support the local economy, deliver fair wages and safe working conditions for all employees, and work with talented people who share the same values.

We work with suppliers to identify sustainable textile mills so that our fabrics have a minimal impact on the environment. As we move forward, our objective is to incorporate more recycled and up cycled cotton in our products—and to continue educating ourselves on making the best possible choices.

To help reduce our environmental impact more, future initiatives will include recycling scrap pieces into paper, and donating excess fabric to educational and community-based organizations. Our aim is to always set ourselves apart from the fast fashion movement—and to make waves while doing it.

We are grateful to have a platform to share our vision with you. It’s our responsibility, in turn, to lend our support to causes and campaigns that make a difference in people’s lives. We’re always looking for ways to help out, so if there’s a cause we should know about, please get in touch.

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