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Our Story

It all starts with the name: Red X Thread. In storytelling, a ‘red thread’ is the theme that carries the reader through the story, connecting characters, places and events, experiencing all the highs and lows that define a great adventure—the elements that create a story worth telling and retelling.

Over 20 years, Matthew Labutte, founder of Red X Thread, has forged his own story, a career in art and design. He has expressed his craft as an artist and illustrator, created brand identities and graphics, designed custom cars and turned a rusted rarity into an exquisite custom station wagon.

Throughout this journey, his artistic talents have intertwined with his passion for all things automotive, leading to a new chapter: a heritage fashion clothing brand. This project brings it all together into something tangible: comfortable, durable well-made clothes inspired by great stories.

The artist’s obsession is clear: a colored stitch here, embroidered details there, woven labels, patches, rivets and a touch of leather, all chosen for maximum impact. Each garment in the Red X Thread line tells a story, each is painstakingly designed for those who appreciate handcrafted excellence.

What makes the Red X Thread story worth retelling? Its roots stretch back to the way things used to be—when pride, care and high quality were engineered into every product. These clothes represent a comeback, powered by Matthew and a small group of like-minded artisans dedicated to their craft.

The Red X Thread brand promise is to seek out improvements at every stage of production, from fiber to fabric to factory. This means fair wages for all employees, healthy working conditions and manufacturing with minimal environmental impact.

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